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    The Original UnBraider! A Revolutionary New Product Set For Black Owned Hair Bussiness

    Cofounded and ran by Natasha Anderson and Khadija Imara, The Original UnBraider is an artistically and durably designed innovative product used to unbraid hair. The comb is designed to take down 6 to 8 braids simultaneously. With two purposes: 1. To take down braids and 2. Combining the unbraided hair simultaneously, the UnBraider combines practical use and convenience.

    The duo procured the product to revolutionize the beauty industry by designing black owned hair care products for black people, in a field that black women are the majority consumers but have minority ownership. The two want to empower young women to be entrepreneurs.

    Teens and young adults can start their own take-down business using The Original UnBriader, an affordable cornerstone of their business. Finally, providing products and services curated explicitly for protective styles that hydrate and strengthen hair.


    The origins of the business’ started Anderson and her two daughters sat around the living room table. The sketches of a comb that soon came to be The Original UnBraider.

    The family sold The UnBraiders at hair shows and went door to door at beauty salons and mall kiosks. Unfortunately the business was operated but business slowed, when Anderson’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequently passed. That’s when Khadija Imara stepped up as CEO after grandmother’s passing and focused on her passion for black women entrepreneurship.

    Imara’s goal was to fulfill her mother’s original mission to fruition to change how people unbraid their hair. Khadija is focused on bringing The Original UnBraider to black homes and black-owned businesses around the globe; and has become a staple in black homes, next to the hot comb and the bonnet.

    With February 1st launch on the way the brand has seen a significant rise in popularity via TikTok and Instagram reels. Also endorsements and co-signs of celebrities that include the likes of Tamar Braxton. Purchases of product will be found via Amazon.

    Keep up with their journey by following the black-owned business on IG.



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