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    The Mayor Of Houston Hates Bow Wow’s Guts

    In the wake of the novel pandemic, countries have put in place several safety protocols in hopes of protecting their citizens. Despite social-distancing regulations, though, people are finding it harder to live their lives. In fact, some refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing in crowded places.

    Rapper Bow Wow certainly didn’t set a good example for the American public after attending a friend’s birthday party in Houston, TX. The HipHop icon’s presence made such a commotion that the mayor of Houston called him out on social media. It’s clear to see that the mayor of Houston hate’s Bow Wow’s Guts.

                                Bow Wow’s Night Out


    As government-issued shutdowns become more laxed, people are returning to a sense of normalcy. Though, some are more eager than others to get back to their lives. Against Bow Wow’s better judgment, the rapper attended a social gathering in Texas this past weekend.

    Several sources reported seeing the rapper on Friday night hanging out at the club Cle Houston among a ‘maskless’ crowd. Bow Wow, however, jumped on Twitter to set the record straight. The rapper insisted that he wore a mask throughout the entire duration of his friend’s 30th birthday bash. The only time he removed his mask happened when he sang one verse. Afterward, he returned to his “section and simply put BACK on my mask.” Despite the rapper placing his mask back on, he still disregarded social distancing protocols. No wonder Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner hates the rapper now.

                         The Mayor of Houston Hates His Guts

    via CNN

    It’s one thing to face social media backlash. To have a city’s mayor publicly express their dislike of you, though, reaches a whole other level of hatred. Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner took to Twitter to express his frustration over Bow Wow’s disregard for social distancing protocols.

    Shortly after, the emcee issued an apology on social media. “Safe to say the mayor of Houston hates my guts. I can’t believe I get the blame for a whole weekend. I apologize if I did anything wrong. I love the city of Houston,” Bow Wow tweeted on Monday morning. Though, the apology becomes muddled when the rapper further tweeted, “Sorry to the mayor for any confusion. I understand the time we are living in so I apologize.” It appears Bow Wow tried to defend his attendance at his friend’s birthday bash. Luckily, there weren’t any hard feelings between the two in the end. At least Mayor Turner took the rapper’s apology with a grain of salt.


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