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    The Loneliest Elephant In The World

    The loneliest elephant in the world is lonely no longer. The elephant Kaavan was trapped in a Pakistani zoo for over thirty years, confined to a half-acre of space with only one other elephant for company. His friend died over eight years ago, leaving him completely alone. Kaavan was obese and showed signs of emotional distress. However, thanks to the singer Cher and the charity Four Paws International, Kaavan now lives in a wildlife refuge in Cambodia. 

        Cher started campaigning for Kaavan’s release over four years ago, visiting Pakistan and meeting with the Prime Minister during her campaign. The charity Four Paws International is leading the charge in moving the elephant from Pakistan to Cambodia. Spokesman Martin Bauer told NPR News “”Transferring an adult elephant on a plane is something very, very rare…An elephant transfer by plane on this scale I think has never happened before, so we are writing history here.” 

        There are three female elephants waiting for Kaavan at the wildlife sanctuary. Bauer jokes that Kaavan may find a girlfriend in his new home. After thirty-five years of grimness, it seems the least he deserves. 


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