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    The Legend Of Nate Dogg Is Ubiquitous In West Coast Hip-Hop

    The creation of a timeless hip-hop sound

    Driving from Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles on a Friday night is priceless. Inhaling the Los Angeles night air and driving 100 miles per hour reflects the authentic LA lifestyle. Riding in 500 horsepower and blasting “Regulate” by West Coast rap legend Nate Dogg feels so nostalgic.

    Listening to Warren G and Nate Dogg go back and forth on “Regulate” defines the beauty of hip-hop music. Creating a sound is simple. However, creating a signature, original sound is iconic.

    Hearing Nate Dogg’s deep husky, and raspy voice blend between the beat and chorus is hip-hop magic. His trademark sound, ad-libs, and also hooks gave the West Coast a competitive advantage in rap. Undoubtedly, comparing Nate Dogg to anyone else was futile. His ability to add a unique combination of soul, charisma, and distinct vocal seasoning made him incomparable.

    God blessed the world with his music

    In addition to understanding his God-given talent, Nate Dogg created nothing that wasn’t tailor-made for him. Staying in his creative lane allowed Nate Dogg to construct a timeless body of work.

    Furthermore, seeing people embrace his musical genius, he remained humbled and hungry to empower West Coast rap. Nothing in the world compares to his music. Believing in yourself is easy under normal circumstances. However, defying traditional rules and becoming a legend is a path for visionaries.

    Pulling into Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles booming “Nobody Does It Better” makes me feel like I’m signed to Death Row Records. The parking lot is filled with Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, and Latinos. Hearing Nate Dogg blaring from my speakers, everybody throws up the famous ‘Westside’ hand sign.

    Everyone understands the impact and vital importance of his music. Listening to his brand of hip-hop in 2022 feels and sounds like 1995 all over again.



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