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    The Jesus Roll will come again…after his bowling match.

    Jesus will rise again in purple, in his spin-off movie.

    Jesus is a character that was remembered in the classic movie, The Big Lebowski. The movie starred Jeff Bridges as Jeffery “The Dude” Lebowski and John Goodman as his crazy best friend, Walter Sobchak. Now after 22 years from the original movie release, we get a spin-off sequel for its side character Jesus Quintana.

    What will it be about?

    So far, not much is known about the movie besides the fact that is a crime comedy, spin-off, and remake all in one. The movie that its remaking is a French one name Les Valseuses (Going Places). Going Places is about two guys going around France committing petty crimes and in a weird way, finding themselves. There is no telling what The Jesus Roll will take from Going Places, but only time can tell.
    The Jesus Roll will come-1

    Whos the stars?

    “The Jesus Roll” is starring John Turturro as lead, Jesus Quintana, Jon Hamm as Paul Dominique/Hairdresser and Christopher Walkins as the Warden. Also, actors like JB Smoove, Audrey Tautou, and Bobby Cannavale will be in the movie.

    The movie is directed by John Turturro who is also the lead actor. I’m interested to see how the movie will turn out. Even though the movie is not directed or written by the same people who made The Big Lebowski. It still will be interesting to see if the movie has any relations to the original, besides a character.

    Jesus was a great character in The Big Lebowski. We didn’t know that much about him besides the fact that he is narcissistic, competitive, a great bowler, and a pedophile. So it will be transcendent to find out what type of person Jesus is in his movie. “The Jesus Roll” will be hitting theaters on February 28, 2020.

    If you have anything to say about the movie, comment below and give us your thoughts.


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