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    The Genius Of 6ix9ine Or The Power Of Memes

    Like it or not, you know who Tekashi 6ix9ine is, aside from antics, memes are the reason why!

    Tekashi 6ix9ine memes are among the most popular on the internet and are a big reason the rapper is so famous. One might wonder how a rapper who isn’t that great of a rapper, who also snitched publicly, somehow signed a multi-millionaire dollar deal from Jail? The real question, though, is why a label would spend so much money on someone who looks destined to fail.

    The Genius Of 6ix9ine Or The Power Of Memes

    The answer is Daniel Hernandez is either a marketing Genius or simply a man of his generation. Think about it; from the time Tekashi burst onto the scene, he has thrived on media attention. Friends from before the rapper became famous recall a boy who lived for shock value. In an interview with Angie Martinez via complex one friend recalls 6ix9ine getting shirts made. All the shirts had vulgar images or words with the point being just to get attention. That same boy brought the same energy with him to rap and, despite all the haters, made a lot of money for a lot of people.

    While his methods are questionable, Tekashi 69 knows how his generation thinks, and he uses that.

    The only reason a label would give him that much money is if they know they can make at more from him.

    Sorry Hip-Hop purist, this generation doesn’t speak your language of emotions, lyrics, and art. Generation Z speaks in emojis, memes, and subliminal social media posts, all the things Tekashi 69 is a master at.

    Tekashi Meme

    He wasn’t even home a month before his name became a daily regular on the trending pages. Also, while he was in Jail, his trial provided the world with comedic relief through its entirety. 6ix9ine memes were everywhere as the internet tried to make a mockery out his downfall.

    Yet 69 haters are proof that “all publicity is good publicity.” Those memes kept him as relevant, if not more than his music ever did.

    If you didn’t know who Tekashi was before the trial, you had to learn to get in on the joke of the memes.

    Tekashi 6ix9ine meme

    To the older folks, memes are pictures and jokes; to the young people, its a language. It’s a way to communicate information and learn about new topics. Somewhere in America, there is a kid with a crazy Jordan collection who only knows what Mike looks like because of the crying face meme. This is just the world we live in, and Tekashi 6ix9ine is a kid who is of his time. While his lyrics are trash and his behavior obscene, he makes catchy songs. More importantly, he is living his life, having fun, and making millions of dollars doing it.

    Whether he is genius or not is beyond the point, aside from the federal indictment, prison time, and having a gang out to kill him. Tekashi has a life most of us would kill for. Right…?

    Let us know your thoughts on whether you think its the genius of Tekashi 6ix9ine or the power of memes?


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