The Game Said F*ck Billboard’s Top 10 Rappers List & Made His Own List


Hip-Hop Artist The Game has been in the industry for many years, so his opinion on the Top 10 rappers has credibility.

Billboard released their list of who they considered to be the Top 10 Rappers of all-time.

The list had people questioning Billboard, and many asked the same question; where is Tupac?

It includes the following artists in numerical order: Biggie, Jay-Z, Eminem, Rakim, Nas, Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Ghostface Killah, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil’ Wayne.

Billboard followed the list with the following explanation.

“Diehard fans, music nerds and critics love lists. But in rap, rankings like this take on a special level of import: aside from moving a crowd (shouts to Rakim), MC means proving you’re the best. In no other genre do artists so blatantly express their desire to outdo competition. That made Billboard’s editorial list a more high-stakes undertaking than usual. Many favorites — Kane, Drake, KRS — didn’t make it, and each of those omissions hurts deep down. Note: we’re ranking these folks as MCs, not artists. That’s why Dr. Dre and Kanye West, for example, two legendary producer-rappers who don’t match the mic skills of those listed here, were left out. Even Tupac, perhaps the most influential rapper ever globally, is arguably known more for great songwriting than dominant bars.”

The Game greatly disagreed and posted his own list on Instagram, which has now been deleted. The post had the following caption.

“Y’all trippin on the order of this bullst & b***h where the fuck 2Pac & Ice Cube ??? & I guess Lauren Hill can out rap @SnoopDogg right ? Y’all out y’all mothafkin’ mind !!! & just disrespect LL Cool J & KRS ONE huh ??? (Now I’m bout to roll my blunt to “Doggystyle” jump on my tour bus & zone out to “All Eyes On Me”, followed by “Makaveli” & “Death Certificate” & take me a fkin nap on this bullshit….. then wake up & read the comments while a bunch of non hip hop educated fuck boys argue below… #FkYallList

1. 2pac & B.I.G
2. Nas
3. Rakim
4. Eminem
5. Jay-Z
6. Ice Cube
7. Snoop Dogg
8. Andre 3000
9. Jadakiss
10. Big L & F**K YO OPINION !!!!!!!!!”


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