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    The Evolution of the “Munch” Rapper Ice Spice

    The hottest new rapper on the block, Ice Spice, had a meteoric rise to fame in 2022. Her breakout song “Munch” was released in early August. The catchy hook made it an instant hit as it became virtually impossible to ignore on social media. The young talent takes full advantage of the popular “drill” beats that have become a staple in hip hop. She also takes advantage of her body, and she isn’t afraid to shake it in concert, knowing that most of her fans love it. From concerts with Drake, to livestreams with Kai Cenat, this is the evolution of ice spice.

    Ice Spice’s Upbringing

    Before she was a successful rapper, Ice Spice grew up in a dangerous neighborhood in the Bronx, NY. She spent a lot of her time in doors, out of the way of the dangerous streets, hoping to be famous one day. Her dreams seem to have come true, as she is already very well known despite only being 23 years old.

    Getting on Drake’s Radar

    The popular hit “Munch” was such a ground shaker, that it even compelled Drake himself to contact the young artist. Drizzy flew Ice Spice out to meet him shortly after, and the two were seen at a concert in Toronto together. Fans’ natural curiosity helped them discover that Drake unfollowed spice on Instagram soon after that outing, then Drake proceeded to seemingly throw shade at the young talent on his latest album. She has cleared the air multiple times that there is no beef between the two, and that it’s “all love.”

    Regardless of his motives, Drizzy gave her a lot of publicity.

    The rapper has used the additional clout to land more publicity opportunities. Since then she has appeared on some of the most famous livestreamers on the planet. She was seen on twitch getting sturdy with Kai Cenat, and even appeared on IShowSpeed’s live via FaceTime.

    Off to a Hot Start

    Despite her steady rise to superstardom, the young talent has not released her debut album yet. At this point, her impressive notoriety sits on the foundation of just 1 EP and a handful of singles. Ice Spice’s leak, pre-project clout reminds me of another New York native who many claim is the queen of hip hop. Early in her career, Nicki Minaj was also red hot in the streets before her first album debuted (and topped the billboard charts).

    “50K for a verse, no album out” -Nicki Minaj

    Can Ice Spice give Nicki Minaj a run for her money? Is “Munch” one of the hottest, most trending breakout songs ever? Was Drake acting shady with Spice, as he tends to do with new artists? Will her new album live up to the hype she has been building? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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