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    The Dying Art Of Rap Music Culture

    In what has become an all too familiar feeling in the rap music community. Death, mourning, and sorrow seem to be synonymous with the music industry.

    Wednesday multiple law enforcement agencies verified the death of Bashar barakah Jackson also known as Pop Smoke. a victim of an apparent home invasion. Making Jackson another young hip hop artist gone before reaching their full potential.
    dying art of rap music

    Far from the days when gangsta rap just got you a gangsta rep. Now saying or showing the wrong things can get you killed.

    What is it about the music industry that places people in such extreme situations.

    Drug addiction, abuse, homicide. These are some of the things that seem to come with being apart of the music industry.

    Your Nobody Until Somebody Kills You In Rap

    It seems to have all started with Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. The media coverage of the incident and ultimate demises of the legendary artists. The losses seem to have left open a door of doom for many who enter the business.

    These days it seems to be taking a toll on younger artists more than before. With the recent deaths of mac miller, Nipsey Hussle, XXXTENTACION, Lil snup, Lil peep, juice world and so many others. We have to ask is gang life, or just the overall lifestyle killing the art.

    Has the materialism glorified in the music made artist targets? Public enemy in a song in the early ’90s warned about self-destruction. It seems we are beyond its threshold.
    Death is promised to all but why is it so entwined with rap music. Very rarely do we hear of such tragedies in rock, country or jazz. it seems that a horrific death has become expected.
    Because so many young rap artists feel the need to be true to each and every lyric they write. which is a world of gangsta rap is almost certain doom.
    R.I.P Bashar Barakah Jackson AKA Pop Smoke

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