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    The Demi Lovato & Ariana Grande Collab Track Is On The Way

    Some music collaborations just take too long to happen. Of course, Arianators and Lovatics have waited for what seems like centuries for the top pop Princesses to put out a collab track. Ariana Grande has already released some of the biggest pop anthems of this year like “34+35.” Additionally, Demi Lovato collaborated with one of her biggest idols, R&B singer Jojo on her “Lonely Hearts” track. The two have put in serious work on their individual collabs. Now the besties have finally decided now is the perfect time to come out with a collab track.

                Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato’s Friendship

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    Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato have become the best of friends. Apparently, the two have remained friends for years, even since they’re acting days. They even come from similar backgrounds. Both stars gained notoriety from their early acting credits like Disney’s Camp Rock and Nickelodeon’s Victorious. Afterwards, they went on to become huge international pop stars, releasing hit after hit track. Additionally, they even released mega a collab track. While remaining successful, they’ve managed to shower each other with support.

    Furthermore, Demi Lovato revealed that Ariana has supported her throughout her entire music career. She’s even reached out during difficult times, such as her 2018 drug overdose. Ariana and her mother Joan sent the singer a heartfelt message over social media. That’s a true friendship.

    Moreover, Ariana even pushed for her manager Scooter Braun to sign Demi. During Ashley Graham’s “Pretty Big Deal” podcast, Braun relayed the entire conversation he had with Ariana after meeting with Demi Lovato for coffee. “ . . . I want her with us. She’s in our family. She’ll be protected, she’s my friend. I want her with us. I want you to help her.” Clearly, Ariana Grande has Demi’s back.

                       The Collab Track Is On The Way

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    Not too many female artists befriend each other in the music industry. It’s quite refreshing to see Ariana and Demi fangirling over one another. Now the two have taken their friendship to the next level by teasing their first collab together. The collab track has been long-awaited by fans everywhere.

    Demi Lovato has even teased details on her upcoming project with Ariana. Recently, she announced the track title name on her social media pages, which is called “Met Him Last Night.” Sounds like an intriguing listen already. Furthermore, the song will be featured on Lovato’s 7th studio album “Dancing With the Devil… The Art of Starting Over.” Fans can expect the album to arrive in stores on April 2. Hopefully, we’ll get the music video on the same day the song comes out.


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