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    The Death Of Chicago Rapper Lil Greg

    The rap scene has plenty of great talent to go around. Unfortunately, talent isn’t enough to keep these emcees off the streets. Leaving the world of crime and theft doesn’t come easy for some rap stars. In the end, their past life catches up with them. Chicago rapper Gregory Jackson III aka Lil Greg couldn’t escape his past. Two weeks ago, the young emcee was murdered in a gang-affiliated shooting at a local barber shop in his hometown. His death rocked many rap stars, including 21 Savage. Though, Lil Greg’s death hurt his close friend, G Herbo the most.

                      The Details Surrounding His Death

    via HipHop Lately

    The death of any talented rap star hurts the HipHop community. Unfortunately, many stars such as Juice Wrld, Pop Smoke, Lil Marlo, and King Von befell untimely deaths. Recently, Chicago rapper Lil Greg suffered at the hands of a murder right at the start of his rap career. The Chicago native missed his 25th birthday this year.

    The talent met his unjust death on January 29th at 12:15pm in the South Loop section of the city. Police reports say that Lil Greg sat waiting in the barber’s chair for a haircut at the Studio 19 Barbershop. Earlier that same day, the 24-year-old had just been released from court for marijuana possession. Lil Greg’s day had been off to a great start. However, his perfect day got cut short when a man entered the barbershop and shot the rapper in the face. Unfortunately, brutality has no bounds.

                         Lil Greg’s Killer Is Finally Caught

    via Chicago Sun Times

    While most murders would go into hiding after a shooting, Lil Greg’s killer drove around in plain sight. The shooter, later identified by police as Christopher Mosely, fled the scene in a 2010 Volvo SUV. It didn’t take long for the police to catch up with Mosely, driving the exact same car that fled the scene of the crime. Even more disturbing, they found Mosely carrying a .40 caliber Glock. Prosecutors revealed on Wednesday that Mosely additionally carried a drum magazine capable of holding “many, many rounds.”

    According to the Chicago Tribune, the judge agreed with prosecutors that Mosely posed a threat to public safety. Lil Greg’s killer now stays in police custody on charges of being an armed habitual criminal. Serves him right.

                            G Herbo’s Tribute To Lil Greg

    via Complex

    No one wanted to see justice done for Lil Greg more than his good friend Herbert Randall Wright III, aka G Herbo. The two young rappers grew up together in Chicago’s Terror Town neighborhood. Unfortunately, they’re both members of the Terror Town/No Limit faction of the Black P-Stone gang as well. The best friends grew up in a world of crime, murder and theft for what appears most of their lives.

    However unfortunate Lil Greg’s untimely death was to the rapper, he made sure to give him a respectable tribute. The “Friends & Foes” rapper took to Instagram on February 3rd to share his struggles with his friend’s death. G Herbo notes that they’ve been friends since childhood and will remain brothers beyond death. He admits that it’s difficult to remain “strong” without him being by his side. Like any good friend, G Herbo will continue to carry on his friend’s memory.


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