A Cube House For The Minimalist & Modest Explorer

Modest Explorer

A Cube House For The MinimalistWhat we love about design and architecture stems from our minimalist interest on living. When grandiose becomes a bit too much, it’s the simple things in life that we appreciate. But who said that simple meant boring? Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Cube House designed by Yakusha Design Studio.

Although it may appear small in structure, the geometric form of the house creates a spacious open floor plan with a modest aesthetic. The kitchen, ground floor, living and dining areas are left completely open to the second story balcony adding volume and texture to the main areas. The upper is comprised of the master and two additional rooms with versatile fixtures that allow the resident to shift from work to living. The design of the house even preserves the surrounding pines which eliminates the footprint. So kudos to great architecture and saving the planet!

Check out the photos above!


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