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    Tiffany Cross Endured Hysterectomy Before MSNBC Show Launch

    Tiffany Cross
    American television host, Tiffany Cross shares an intimate disclosure about her battle with fibroid tumors and having a hysterectomy.

    Tiffany D. Cross, author of SAY IT LOUDER: Black Votes, White Narratives and Saving Our Democracy recently revealed that she had a hysterectomy right before auditioning for The Cross Connection, according to Yahoo!News

    In fact, Cross dishes about her personal experiences. The 42-year-old political activist and MSNBC host spills her soul to her audience on Saturday night.

    Known for telling the unadulterated truth, Cross gets candid about her recent surgery and the years that led up to her life changing decision.

    Moreover, Cross went on to say how she felt that her struggles would inspire other women who are experiencing the same issues.

    Who Is Tiffany Cross?

    According to, Tiffany is the host of MSNBC’s The Cross Connection. In 2020, longtime cable news veteran was a Resident Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.

    She previously served as D.C Bureau Chief for BET Networks, a freelance field producer and an Associate Producer for CNN.

    Additionally, the former control room employee co-founded The Beat D.C, a national platform that intersected policy, business, media, politics, by people of color.

    Media influencers, elected officials, and opinion leaders followed the platform.

    A History of Reproductive Health Issues

    According to UCLA Health, fibroids are noncancerous tumors made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissues. They usually develop in the uterus, causing heavy prolonged periods.

    Tiffany also explained to her audience that for years she suffered from intense, debilitating and shooting pain. In addition, Crossed mentioned that she thought she could live with the tumors until she began noticing significant hair loss.

    An Ultimate Decision

    As a result of her diagnosis, a Black physician presented the host with two options: They could cut around the tumors to save her chances of conceiving, or have a full hysterectomy.

    Unfortunately, cutting around the tumors would require an additional surgery post-birth.

    “I was already over 40, I wasn’t married and I had never met this baby I was supposed to have, so was I to live with pain, go bald and slice my body in half twice?” “I made the decision that was best for me and chose to have a full hysterectomy.”


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