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    The Coldest: Key Glock Makes Music Video About Icy Circumstances

    The icy cold setting of this music video frames the reality of Key Glock’s lyrics perfectly. Aspen, CO, known for its ski slopes and pricey real estate, is the perfect setting for a “rags-to-riches” story to take place. As Complex puts it, “Rags-to-riches stories are a constant in rap, but Glock’s enthusiasm is infectious.”

    It is rare to see a great with this much humility. Yet Glock’s lyrics reiterate just how sacred human life is.

    “I ain’t worried bout another *****, I handle business/You bleed like I bleed, *****, you want it you can get it.”

    Glock balances the power and the responsibility associated with greatness as gracefully as he dons “head to toe Christian Dior”.

    “Yeah, I ran it up, but somehow I still hang with gravediggers (Ay, yeah, yeah)
    Yeah, you know what’s up (What’s up), a multi-million dollar gang member (Gang)”  Key Glock’s lyrics reflect how even success is no way to escape the trap of street violence now that gang culture and hip-hop culture are so intertwined. The music video featuring Key Glock walking with only the symbolic G.O.A.T. besides him now seems like the beginning of an epic journey for the young rapper. Metaphorically, the rapper will never walk alone as he still has his dreams and his hope for the future.

    Memphis-born rapper Key Glock delivers cold, stark, uncompromising verses about sex, guns, and money. Updating the woozy, narcotic style of Memphis greats that came before him like Three 6 Mafia, Key Glock found success with critics, fans, and the charts with projects like 2020’s Yellow Tape and two Dum and Dummer releases with Young Dolph.
    Be sure to check out his latest iteration of Yellow Tape 2.


    1. What a great video, “Aspen” is.
      Yes, it’s a rags to riches story and that’s awesome!
      And , yes, I agree with him 100%… Colorado DOES INDEED have THE BEST Weed!

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