The Code unveil “F**K”, the latest track from their ‘Blue Electronica’ EP

latest track from their Blue Electronica

Following on from a sensational response to tracks “Electronica” and “Azure”, The Code return with the third installment “F**K ” from their forthcoming EP Blue Electronica.

“F**K” proves to be another amazing track from the talented duo. With R&B undertones and a blend of down-tempo neo-soul combined with smooth vocals, the pair flaunt their impeccable production skills on this track.

The Code continue to leave listeners intoxicated with their sound, lost in a world of lust and desire the pair prove their creative versatility with this charismatic track. Proclaiming they have ‘no genre stated, so we make what we want’, “F**K” is a anything but disappointing, the soulful cut leaves it’s sound lingering long after the first listen.


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