Jordan Peele is back again with another horror film. Peele’s last film, Us, accrued 41 award wins and 68 nominations within the industry. Us was a box office success last year grossing $255.1 million worldwide against a $20 million budget.

This time, Peele is reinventing a horror classic: the Candyman. The original film was released in 1992 and has since left its mark in our thoughts of the supernatural world. The Candyman is right up there with what we know as IT, the Boogeyman, and Bloody Mary alike.

The legend of the Candyman says that he is summoned while facing a mirror and saying his name five times. Then, of course, he appears and subsequently murders the summoner.

The story of the Candyman is that he was a 19th-century slave who was murdered for having a forbidden interracial relationship. The legend goes that he was fed to the bees by having honey smeared all over his body as punishment. Now, he supposedly appears as a vengeful spirit to anyone who says the riddle or denies his existence.

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Producer and screenwriter, Jordan Peele, challenged Twitter users to tempt their fate yesterday.

“I dare you to say his name. Click below to tweet #Candyman 5 times in one post. @CandymanMovie will haunt your feed with an exclusive first look. See the trailer on Thursday,” he wrote in a post.

If you accept Peele’s dare, you will be directed to the Candyman twitter account, showing a six-second teaser of the film.

Some users adamantly refused to accept Peele’s dare. One user tweeted, “Sir, this is a Christian house, and we don’t play with demons. no, no.” Another wrote, “You really thought you were going to get your people to do this??? I’mma just buy a ticket to the movie like a normal person and not play with demons ty…”

2020 Candyman will disregard the two sequels of the original movie, and instead, directly follow the first film. Tony Todd, who played the Candyman in all three films, will return for the fourth time after 20 years.

The new Candyman will hit theaters this summer, June 12.


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