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    The Brooklyn Nets SF Kevin Durant Can’t Get Out of Brooklyn

    The NBA offseason started out really exciting and then slowly came to a halt as the Minnesota Timberwolves mucked up the FA market. The Timberwolves traded for Utah Jazz star C Rudy Gobert giving them an excess of assets and marking the value of players beyond reasonable. This leads to the Brooklyn Nets star SF Kevin Durant. Believe it or not, we are entering week four of trade discussion for Durant, reported Shams Charania for The Athletic. While many are sitting waiting on the edge of their seats to see the unsettling future of Durant, the reality is the dark days of the offseason have begun.

    At the moment, there’s no trade deadline, however, deadlines always force people to make decisions. For now, it appears Brooklyn is kicking the can down the road but they will have to address this issue at some point. While training camp is rapidly approaching it’s the unwritten “trade deadline”. Many teams are forced to either move them before the season starts or possibly deal with their team’s dynamic and chemistry being put at risk.

    In late June, Durant requested a trade, however, after rumblings of discussions these eventually slowed down. Many believe this is not Kevin Durant’s doing, instead, many believe this is all orchestrated by the Nets. It seems a bit odd that the two-time champion, two-time final MVP, and former MVP of the NBA can’t seem to get anyone to desperately want him. No sources display Durant’s willingness to move his stance. In fact, many are skeptical of whether this trade will even occur this offseason.

    Can The Boston Celtics acquire Kevin Durant?

    The Celtics offered star SG Jaylen Brown, PG Derrick White, and a draft pick for Durant. However, this proposal was rejected by the Nets, reported Brad Botkin for CBS Sports. The Nets want in return nothing short of Brown and DPOY Marcus Smart. Alongside draft picks and possibly a rotation player. This appears to be unrealistic for the Celtics as they’re content with building around their core foundation.

    The Celtics have emerged as a serious contender going forward competing for a championship. While inquiring about Durant will heavily increase that chance, they’re not interested in sacrificing their future to do so.


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