HF® Artist’s Spotlight With Dylan Reynolds

Artists Spotlight With Dylan Reynolds
Dylan Reynolds

You may recognize him from the BongoBoy video, where Dylan Reynolds did an acoustic version of his song ‘Happy Birthday’, and racked up over 90,000 views. Along with this song, ‘Tightrope’, ‘Young and Set’ and his cover of ‘Just Hold On, We’re Going Home’ have proved to be incredibly popular with his fans. Signed to new label REMember Music, his debut EP Lifeline, will be out this year on the 9th of April. Dylan has promised it’ll be very different from what everyone’s heard so far, and there will be a song for everyone on there. He describes his style of music as “blue eyed soul, like pop, a little bit of electronic somewhere in there and blues.” The lyric video for his song ‘Young and Set’ has recently been released.

“‘Young and Set’ is a very triumphant pop song. I had the intention of it being a summer song that people could just drive around with their windows down. Theres a couple songs that are kinda very slow and sexy and dark. There’s a song called ‘Looking Up’ which is definitely the song that I think the most people will relate to, it’s a total confessional and it’s pretty sad but it’s about dealing with addiction… people in your life that are addicted, you know drug addicts and alcoholics, so that’s something people can relate to… or hopefully that’s something people can’t relate to.”

For those who have yet to check out Dylan’s music, he’s incredibly talented. He is a true artist, and from a young age, he knew he wanted to be a singer, taking voice lessons and then learning how to play the drums. He played in a few bands, including one with his long time friend Mac Miller, but kind of forgot about music for a while when he got really into sports as a teenager. Following an injury, he picked up a guitar when he was 17, and so it began…He’s already got a growing fan base, especially around Europe where he opened for Mac Miller on his recent tour.

So I think one of the most exciting things you’ve done recently was the tour when you came to Europe and you opened for Mac! What was that like, the whole experience of it?

Well I played a couple shows for him in the US, but honestly not just because I’m talking to you, I loved it. It was awesome, I really appreciated it more than I did any other show. The UK has very much a singer songwriter culture, so it wasn’t unusual for them to see a guy come out with a guitar and start singing. I felt like they appreciated it a lot and like if I kept touring there, it would go really well. I also lived in London for a while so it was nice to go back, walk around Soho and go Nando’s.

Was it like a buzz every time you went on stage and exciting to be in a different place?

Every show is really exciting for me, I’m still very new so London was the most exciting show because there was the most people and the venue was amazing. Then we went to Scotland and that was really interesting cos I couldn’t understand a single word anyone was saying. I’d just say ‘yeah’ to everything they would say. I had no idea what they were talking about.

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And what was your favourite song to perform when you go out there with your guitar?

Um, I really like performing ‘Tightrope’, there are a few people that know the song in every city I go to and they can sing it and that feels good. I also played a Drake cover which was like a popular thing to do right now. I played that and that got people singing along. It draws people in for sure.

What’s it like being signed to Mac’s music label and working with him and him being your boss?

It is weird to have my best friend growing up be like in charge of running my career but it’s a mutual thing. The best thing about it is literally having a friend that is that powerful in the music industry. Everything we do together is like we do it as friends, you know. It’s definitely comforting to have somebody who just wants people to hear the music.

And how long have you been signed to the label for?

Mac has kind of been like co-signed me in a way like tweeting my material for like a year but it’s gotten more serious within the last couple of months.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of the Most Dope family?

I think the best part about it all is just having a friend that I’m very proud of it. I’m very proud of him and everything he’s done and we’re doing right now. So, more than the glamorous side and parties and meeting Miley Cyrus, seeing my friend of 10 years go on stage and 3 thousand people just go absolutely insane gives me a sense of pride. I think that’s probably the most important thing.

I loooove your song ‘Tightrope.’ Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration behind that song and about how you get into song-writing? Is there a certain mood you have to be in?

Thank you. A lot of my songs I’m not really in a particular mood, I just sit down to write but this came after a break-up of mine. I felt like I had to protect myself, I was very angry so it kind of came off in that sassy way. “I walk a rough road but it won’t shake me”, that kind of attitude. That song definitely came out of a very particular time, which is probably why it connects with people strongly. Cos the lyrics are very direct you know?

The stuff you’re gonna be releasing, is it all stuff you’ve worked on independently?

Yeah, I write a lot with my brother. There are a couple songs I wrote with him, but yeah I wrote most of the material on the album.

Who would you say is one of your biggest musical inspirations?

I admire a lot of people, but if I had to narrow it down to a few there are the classic song writers that just can never go wrong like Bob Dylan, Neil Young. I really love Kings of Leon, John Mayer… I love Radiohead and Jeff Buckley too, so artists like that really.

So what should we be expecting now from you?

Yeah I’m coming out with my EP and as far as touring and stuff, I wanna get my own tour going soon and I really wanna come back to the UK! Honestly!

We also definitely hope he’s back soon! But for now, SoundCloud and Youtube will keep us updated on his new material. Dylan Reynolds is undoubtedly one to watch. He’s a genuinely humble person and with his incredible raw talent, beautiful song-writing and great team of people around him, we are expecting huge things from him!

Follow Dylan Reynolds on Twitter: @DylanReynolds

Listen to his music via Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dylan-reynolds

Also, check out his latest video “Young & Set” on Vevo! :


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