The Airbnb from Hell! How Magic Johnson’s Daughter Ran for Her Life

When you plan your next vacation, you never think you’ll get robbed in your own Airbnb.

We’re sure that’s what Elisa Johnson thought too. Johnson, daughter of Magic Johnson, lived the experience of a lifetime while vacationing with her friends. While staying in an Airbnb, in San Fernando Valley, two armed men entered the home and robbed the joint.

Witnesses say the men held Johnson’s friends at gunpoint, while they stole every prized possession they could get their hands on. The robbers made off with a rolex, other jewelry, cash, and electronics. The estimated net worth of the good stolen amounts up to about $30-$40k.

Johnson escaped unharmed. She slipped out a back entrance, unseen, and ran for help– leaving her 10 friends behind to wait. According to officials, it remains unclear if the doors were locked or not.

Luckily, no one was harmed that Sunday morning.


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