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    The 5 best-dressed NFL players: Week 7

    The 5 best-dressed NFL players Week 7 (3)
    Last week at HypeFresh Plus we introduced our new series ranking the top five NFL players who out-shined the rest when it came to postgame podium style. If you missed that piece, which included the rules we use to rank players, be sure to go back and read that one first so you know how we do things around here.

    Last time Cam Newton’s peacock-themed look stole the show, but a bye week for the Panthers in Week 7 meant his crown was up for grabs. There were some fresh faces on the list this week as well as some repeat performers, so without further ado: let’s get into it.

    5. Landry Jones

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha just kidding. That shirt is horrible.

    5. (The real one this time) Larry Fitzgerald

    Larry Fitz looks like he’s going to become a staple on this list. He falls a few spots this week, but this black & white floral print, short-sleeve collared shirt is glorious. The pattern dominates the shirt, but the collar and sleeves are blacked out to create a nice contrast, with the floral print then creeping back in on the sleeve hems. This shirt has to be one of the greatest Hawaiian shirts of all time, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still essentially just that – a Hawaiian shirt. Fitz definitely rocked it well, but it pales in comparison to last week’s impeccable suit, so it lands him the #5 spot this week.

    4. Tom Brady

    The 5 best-dressed NFL players Week 7

    The GOAT makes his first appearance on the list, and I’m like 93% sure he’d think this is his greatest achievement to date. There isn’t much else to say – the dude just stays winning. The rings, the wife, the looks, I mean it’s totally understandable to be jealous of him. But, jealousy or not, it’s impossible to argue with his style. (Besides those godforsaken UGGs, those you can totally argue with, and you would win that argument. Keep gettin’ them checks Tom!) His look this week was simple, yet refined. He got docked a couple points for not taking any risks, and he did resemble a ninth grade math teacher a little, but only if that ninth grade math teacher had a Brazilian supermodel wife picking out his outfits. It wasn’t his best look, but it was far from his worst, so he ends up snagging the #4 spot.

    3. C.J. Anderson

    The 5 best-dressed NFL players Week 7 (2)

    The Denver Broncos clearly have one of the trendiest locker rooms in the league. Last week Von Miller snagged the #3 spot with his Yeezy-esque style, and this week running back C.J. Anderson takes the same spot with this Run-DMC inspired look. The all-black-everything set off by simple gold chains works as well now as it did in the 1980’s, and pulling off a hat like that always scores some extra style points.

    2. Tyrod Taylor

    I’m not sure if this is just my inner Bostonian coming out or not, but I actually love this green/gold combo that the Bill’s quarterback went with for this week. The Boston Celtic’s St. Patrick’s Day jerseys have been my favorites in the NBA for as long as I can remember and this suit, tie, and pocket square combo definitely reminds me of those. It takes tons of confidence to rock a green suit, so Tyrod gets bonus points for the risk, and even more points for pulling it off so well. He really did his thing, though it was someone else who stole the show this week. He gets first runner up.

    1. Richard Sherman

    Although it was a little early, during Wednesday’s weekly press conference Richard Sherman got into the Halloween spirit and came dressed as Harry Potter. New rule: when one of the league’s best players comes to a press conference with a Halloween costume on, they win the week. Especially if they drop some references to the subject matter of their costume, like when Sherman started talking about Quidditch. He stole the show this week with his costume, and even managed to get a Twitter response from Potter author JK Rowling herself.

    Well, that does it for this time. Be sure to check back next week for another Best-Dressed NFL Players. Oh, and if more players follow in Sherman’s footsteps this upcoming Halloween weekend you can already bank on us doing a Best-Dressed NFL Players “Halloween Costume” edition.

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