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    The 5 best-dressed NFL players this week

    The-5-best-dressed-NFL-players-this-week-2 (1) Each week NFL and NBA stars get dressed to the nines after their games as a way of presenting themselves and their brand in the best possible light. Postgame press conferences which were once boring Q&A’s have become the closest thing to a fashion show there is these days. Certain guys have become famous for their style at the podium (looking at you Russell Westbrook), and it seems as if these players are just constantly trying to one-up each other. We’ve decided to play along in their little competition and crown the top 5 best-dressed NBA and NFL athletes for each week.

    First things first though, we need to establish a few rules here for determining these rankings.

    – “Classic” looks, like suits and blazers, don’t necessarily give you an edge in these rankings. It’s all about how the player pulls it off. Something isn’t “better” just because it costs more when it comes to these rankings.

    – Absolutely no team apparel. It doesn’t matter how well a player rocks a sweatshirt with his team’s logo on it; it’s unoriginal and an automatic disqualification. (Note: this doesn’t include accessories like hats, socks, belts, etc. – that would eliminate Tom Brady basically every week because of those Patriot pompom hats, and as a Boston homer I refuse to leave Brady off this list due to a technicality like that.)

    – The last, and easily most important rule is what we like to call the “Nothing Corny” rule. It speaks for itself. A player could have the best outfit of the week, but if he’s got some corny sneakers, a corny hat, or anything else on that’s certifiably corny – he’s off the list.

    Okay enough rules, it’s time to get into the list. But, before we do, it should be noted that the NBA season doesn’t start for a few more days. Because of that, this week is only NFL players. We’ll be seeing the likes of Russell Westbrook and LeBron in the weeks to come, but for now we’re going to stick to the gridiron (well, the postgame interviews anyway). Let’s get into it.

    5. Odell Beckham Jr.

    Starting this week’s list off is Odell Beckham Jr. After Sunday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens, Odell came out rocking a sleek light grey suit featuring peak lapels and an understated graph-check pattern. The light baby blue shirt and pastel blue tie come together nicely to finish the look, though he definitely gets points off for the messy-looking collar revealing too much tie. His look was 95% there, but that other 5% makes a big difference.

    4. Richard Sherman

    The 5 best-dressed NFL players this week (3)

    The Seattle Seahawks won a close one against the Atlanta Falcons this week, escaping with a 26-24 victory. Richard Sherman kept his good night going by wearing this white-black patterned suit adorned with a shiny black bow-tie. Bow ties seemed to be a bit of a trend this week (as you’ll see later), and Sherman’s effectively simple, two-tone color scheme was one of the better instances of bow-tie use.

    3. Von Miller

    The 5 best-dressed NFL players this week (4)

    Miller is a perfect example of the first rule we established. He didn’t go all out with a suit and tie, but the drop shoulder crew neck, dad hat, and bold matching accessories came together in a great showing of modern high-fashion trendiness. The gold fishhook on his hat brim and Cuban link chain work together beautifully, and the “ZERO FRIENDS” lettering on the hat adds the perfect pop of color to an otherwise monotone black outfit. He took a page out of the Yeezy Season playbook for this one and did it well.

    2. Larry Fitzgerald

    This is a similar look that OBJ was going for, but Fitz’s maturity really shows here. He’s perfected this look by perfectly pulling off three different patterns in the outfit. A similar suit to OBJ’s (only darker) makes up the majority of the look, but the wider peak lapels and cutaway collar provide for great contrast, while at the same time showing off the pinstriped shirt and patterned tie. This look is thought out, complete, and probably would have won on most weeks. The only problem was…

    1. Cam Newton

    I mean I’m sorry Larry, but look at this. What more do we even have to say? Nothing. Sure cam might’ve been pissed off and left this press conference early, but he looked great doing it. This outfit speaks for itself, but we’re going to talk about it anyway. I mean, look at that outfit, how could we not talk about it? Usually a matching bowtie, lapel pin, and fedora is as good as it gets for most men, but for Cam? Nah. He had to take it 100 steps further and put a fucking peacock print on all three accessories. Fucking peacock! When was the last time you saw someone rocking this pattern, and looking fly as hell doing it? Never, that’s when. Cam wins this week handily. No contest. Let’s all just go home.

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