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    Teyana Taylor Bout Ready to Beat The Money Team’s A**

    Teyana Taylor was ready to throw down with the best of them on Tuesday night.

    Teyana, known for her rock hard abs and steamy Kanye West video shoot, was in a heated altercation with a man from Floyd Mayweather’s The Money Team. It was Tuesday night when the “Gonna Love Me” singer can be seen having a shouting match with the entourage member. Now Teyana Taylor Money Team beef is still much real.

    Someone managed to capture the altercation on video, and lets just say things didn’t look too pretty. Teyana had to have one of her friends hold her back from knocking the man out.

    According to The Blast, the whole thing started when Teyana asked one of the men an innocent question. In return, the man responded disrespectfully. He allegedly called her a derogatory name, which she did not appreciate.

    After the incident with Teyana Taylor and The Money Team, a lot of people were wondering what sent Teyana to level 100 so quickly, which she had no problem answering.

    “A persons tone can be at level 1 but DISRESPECT can be at level 100.”

    She added:

    “Trust & believe if I’m going off on someone it’s w/ very good reasoning. I will not tolerate any disrespect from anyone, idc who the hell he work for.”

    There were many people there that night of Quavo’s celebrity basketball game. One familiar face was Snoop Dogg, however, the Dogg did not get involved in the argument. Instead, he sat quietly and watched from the sidelines, and only after the situation had died down did he add his two cents.

    “She from Harlem. Don’t. Play with my niece,” he wrote underneath a post about the altercation.

    Floyd has yet to respond.

    Thoughts? What are you thinking about Teyana Taylor and her fight with The Money Team? Let us know in the comment section below.

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