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    Teyana Taylor Source Denies Robbery At Hollywood Halloween Party

    Daily Scoop: Teyana Taylor!

    New information regarding Teyana Taylor’s Halloween party robbery allegations has come forward, and a source close to the Teyana Taylor has reportedly denied it. In fact, the anonymous person claims that there was no armed robbery attempt at the Halloween party.

    According to the post on Instagram, it shared that the songwriter was not responsible for the commotion at the party. Promoters reportedly paid her to do a walk-through. Essentially, the alleged robbery took place across the street, not at Taylor’s party at the Hollywood venue.

    “No one was pistol-whipped during the incident, and the armed robbery took place across the street from the party,” says in the post. “The security guards from the party saw the robbery taking place and fired shots in the air. Apparently robbers across the street stole two women’s purses and security from the club intervened by shooting shots to stop it.”

    How It Started?

    TMZ was among the first to report the alleged shooting in Hollywood at the Sunset Room on Saturday night, Oct. 30. The incident occurred when three armed men approached three women standing on the curb outside the club.

    One woman was allegedly pistol-whipped during the alleged robbery; however, Teyana Taylor’s inside source immediately denied it.

    Nonetheless, security did see the robbery take place, and fired shots to stop the assailants. The gunshots hit a few cars in the area, but no people suffered any gunshot wounds. Still, the suspects then fled the scene, and shortly after, police and emergency services arrived on the scene. Teyana Taylor nor police officials have come forward with any further comments, and many now wonder what actually happened.

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