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    Texas Rapper AJ Chaka Tells No Lies In “Real As It Gets” EP

    Tons of great talent have come out of the South, such as Slim Thug. Newcomer AJ Chaka may not be on the same level as the emcee, but he has plenty of Texas heat. The 24-year-old first pursued music as a toddler after rapping alongside his cousins. Additionally, he taught himself how to record songs on his mother’s computer. Drawing influence from elite rap artists such as Nas and Kendrick Lamar, his passion for rap music grew.

    It wasn’t until after his 2016 high school graduation, that Chaka had his first “professional experience” with music as he once described on Voyage Dallas Magazine. That year, AJ Chaka and his mother, who goes by the rap moniker Queen Ms. K, started their own independent label Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group. With his mother acting as his manager, Chaka started laying down tracks and dropping songs non-stop. The 24-year-old worked his butt off to pursue his rap dreams.

    So far, his dedication and hard work have all paid off. Chaka has dropped several EPs and tracks– such as his 2019 hit “All Sides” – that helped put him on the map. AJ Chaka’s big break came when he released his debut album Trill As It Gets in August 2021. Now the Texas artist has returned to the spotlight with his newest EP Real As It Gets. In his latest project, AJ Chaka has a real sit down with audiences and tells no lies.

    AJ Chaka’s Real-Talk

    A blend of new school meets old school, soulful tones mixed with trap vibes, and a lyrical plethora of real-talk, AJ Chaka’s new EP checks all our boxes. It’s hard to believe that at just 24 years old, Chaka can fit so much wisdom into one record. Though, the songwriter and rapper has lived through what seems like several lifetimes of pain and struggle. Every adversary has contributed greatly to the rapper’s growth and kept him hungry for opportunity.

    His 6-track EP may be on the minimalist side, but less is always more. The Texas star offers a refreshing dose of realness. Many of his tracks talk of struggle, especially when it comes to his family. His title track “Real As It Gets” details the rapper’s pain of watching his mother suffer day in and day out. Furthermore, he details that she often struggles with high blood pressure and stress. In a few verses, he makes it a priority to make her life easier. Arguably, the sixth track offers the most transparency and honesty from the rapper in the whole EP. AJ Chaka has the realness and wisdom of someone who’s three times his age.

    What’s Next For AJ Chaka

    AJ Chaka
    via Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group, LLC

    Clearly determined and persistent, AJ Chaka never gives up. In his EP Real As It Gets , the Texas rapper doesn’t let adversity or his failures hold him back. Even so, the songwriter and rapper often inspires other emcees to do the same. With his record label Neo Gold Entertainment/Music Group, AJ Chaka hopes to one day find other unique talents in the Dallas, TX area and groom them into becoming rap stars.

    In talks with Voyage Dallas Magazine, the Texas artist deems his record label a Pro-Artist company.

    “We are a company built on helping artists in their career, while also helping them to feel safe in doing good business,” he told the publication.

    While pursuing his dreams as a rap star, he too hopes to help others reach their goals. Be sure to get a reality-check from the on-the-rise Texas star, AJ Chaka.






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