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Inmates escape


Texas Inmates Caught Escaping Prison For Whiskey Run

These inmates must have missed Whiskey!

Four inmates from a Texas federal prison were caught after they escaped to get some whiskey.

According to a Facebook post, a special surveillance operation was put in place after sheriff’s deputies.

Apparently, inmates had been escaping and returning with whiskey and cellphones.

Last Friday, four men were spotted escaping out of the jail. However, the prisoners were quickly discovered and arrested.

Police found the men to be in possession of cellphones along with bottles of whiskey.

“Investigators observed 4 males leave the prison grounds and cut through a neighboring ranch.”

“The inmates ran when they saw the Law Enforcement Officers step out of the brush. All 4 inmates were quickly taken into custody,” the statement read.

The men have been identified as Julian Lemus, 34, Robert Young, 45, Leo Martinez, 25, and Silvstre Rico, 35. They have  all been charged with escaping custody.

It is unclear how the men escaped, or where the contraband came from.

Marshals confiscated bottles of whiskey and cellphones from the four men.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said it will continue to work with the U.S. Marshals Service “to make Jefferson County a safer place to live.”

Authorities didn’t reveal any further information, including why the men were in prison.

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Featured Image Credit: NBC News

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