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    Texas Governor Ending Mask Mandate and Fully Re-opening State

    This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made headlines after he announced that he would be ending the mask mandate in the state and fully reopen on March 10. After the announcement was made, media outlets and residents were in an uproar claiming the decision was being made too quickly and impulsive. 

    In a press conference, President Joe Biden made it clear that he believed that his decision to reop was premature. The nation’s top infectious disease experts agreed in addition to warning the governor that the move could lead to a new surge in covid cases. The surge would probably lead to a massive outbreak. The disease which is currently up to nearly 3.48 million cases and has already killed more than 53,000 people. Studies show that the virus has killed nearly  43,000 Texas residents. 

    From the inception of the pandemic, the Texas governor said that he would rely on data and advice from disease experts in order to guide state policy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like the case. 

     Recently the state health commissioner, Dr. John Hellerstedt hasn’t commented on whether or not he will plan to endorse the mask mandate. No other states have fully reopened so Texas would be leading the charge. 

    Texas has already received plenty of backlash for its recent large gatherings. Recently actor and rapper Bow Wow received a wave of negative responses after he performed at a packed venue in Houston for a concert. 

    The Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta reality star shared posts on social media of him partying. Fans took to Instagrams to show their disapproval, claiming that he was being irresponsible. 

    Well, tell us your thoughts on the governor’s decision to reopen. Do you think it’s too soon or do you think it’s about time to open?


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