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    Texas Abortion Restrictions Wreaks Havoc Across State

    “Bans Off Our Bodies!”

    Texas women are fed up! Protests show the modern day woman petitioning the rights of her own reproductive organs. The government has founds its hands in the pants of women across the heavily heated Long Star State.

    Women who choose to abort a fetus must be do so before the ending of the first 6 weeks of pregnancy, a vulnerable time that is not always noticeable. reports that the common gestational age at the time pregnancy awareness is 5.5 weeks. This is 5 days shy of the six week deadline to attain an abortion in the state of Texas.

    Abortion Common in U.S.

    According to , abortions were widely accepted in The United States until it was politicized and criminalized around 1880. Before so, abortion practices were regulatory as pregnancy was null until a woman felt, “quickening” feeling the baby move.

    Though taboo in the culture of Christianity, Catholics took on a liberal view of the subject. Catholics also believed human life was non existent until the mother could feel the baby kick. By 1869, abortion became nastier by the taste as churches began to condemn abortion with the exception of saving a woman’s life. However, by 1895, churches denounced any form on abortion.

    Reagan, a professor of history, gender, women’s studies, and law at University of Illinois states his medical opinion in relation to the century old stigma of abortion. According to Reagan, abortions and birth control reflected to downward spiral of white women keeping their race prominent. In fear of being ‘out -populated’ by others such as African Americans, Hispanics, etc, the government recently enforced the ban. reports that according to the 2020 Census results, for the first time, white people surged below 60 percent. A slip from 63.7 percent in 2010 to 57.8 percent in 2020. The under-18 population is now majority people of color, at 52.7 percent.



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