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Terrence Howard’s Claims His Acting Days Are Stop

Terrence Howard is pulling a classic Jay-Z move.

Terrence Howard, famous for his prized role in the television drama series “Empire” is coming to a shocking revelation. With over 30 movies and TV shows under his belt, Terrence Howard has decided that his acting days are over, reports Page Six.

He’d rather do something else.

But what? Terrence hasn’t disclosed where his next career jump will land him. Although he does know at least one thing about his future.

When talking to “Extra,” he claims that he doesn’t want to do anything fake anymore.

“I’m done with acting.”
“I’m done pretending.”

We guess after all of the reading lines off of a script and teleprompter, the actor just wants to add some true meaning to his life. Over the years, of course, he’d get tired of the fantasy life. He’s played everything from a broke pimp to a groomsman at a wedding, all the way to a hip-hop mogul.

It’s time he starts focusing on what he can do to make the world better. In the interview, Terrence adds that he wants to help the world figure itself out.

“I’m just focusing on bringing the truth to the world.”

However, once you’re an actor, how hard is it to walk away. Just take Jay-Z for instance. He isn’t an actor in the slightest bit, but he is a rapper, and rapping is in his blood. Which is why he probably never fully retired.

Clearly it’s too hard to stop doing what you naturally love to do. Not even Queen Latifah believed it when Nicki Minaj said she was retiring from the music industry.

But if TH is serious, his last screen performances stop when “Empire” wraps its final season.

Any thoughts? Do you think Terrence Howard’s acting days are really over? If so, what do you think his next career move will be? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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Featured Image Credit: Love B Scott

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