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    Terrell Owens Involved In Car Accident

    Hall of Fame receiver Terrell Owens is lucky to be alive. He was involved in an ugly wreck this past weekend. News of Owens’ car accident surely caused many to hold their breath seeing as so many known athletes as of late have come to face brutal and even fatal crashes.

    The 47-year-old former Eagle is, however, safe and on his own two feet. He posted a collage to his Instagram that featured aftermath images and the damage done to the vehicles involved. There were three total. The collage also shows himself kneeling in prayer. His caption says, “I was on my way home but this is.. HOW MY DAY ENDED YESTERDAY and.. HOW MY DAY STARTED TODAY. Thankful for no injuries, health and able to see another day. God is good.”

    Owens’ car accident definitely looks fatal. Thankfully, it was not. In the Instagram collage we see the front end of a car completely totalled and the back end of a different car also crunched beyond repair. It is not clear which vehicle is his. He also did not reveal any additional information about what happened.

    Other athletes like Dieon Sanders, Chauncey Billups, and Willis McGahee, to name a few, sent TO support and prayers. “Thanks to everyone reaching out” Owens wrote. “God is good. He is great. Trust me, I’m so thankful and grateful because this could have been worse than it looks.”

    According to TMZ, Owens filmed an Instagram story Saturday morning while test driving an Audi Q8. However, the damage done to the cars in the collage post make it difficult to tell what model vehicles were actually involved in Owens’ car accident.

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