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    Tensions between Russia and Ukraine Rise Following an Attack at Sea

    Martial law is currently the topic of discussion in Ukraine currently, after an incident between Russian naval forces and some Ukrainian vessels. On Sunday, Russian Warships opened fire on three Ukrainian vessels, that were traveling through the Sea of Azov. The Ukrainian ships surrendered and Russian officials took 23 of the sailors into custody. At least six of the crew members on the vessel were injured. The Russian government is claiming that the ships were illegally in the area.

    The Russian siege of Ukrainian ships has caused for tension to rise between the two nations. Ukrainian government states that they had given the Russia advanced warning about the ships’ route. The Russian government denies this accusation and insists that the Ukrainian government is in the wrong. A number of Ukrainian citizens currently protest outside of the Russia Embassy in Kiev. Ukrainian protests have gotten so out of control that the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, has proposed that martial law be imposed on the nation.

    This is not the first issue that the Ukrainian and Russian governments have had, when it comes their ships. Since the treaty of 2003, both nations have been fighting over their territory in the Sea of Azov.

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