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    Tekashi69 Snitching on Nine Trey Gang Members Next Week

    It’s hard to form a sentence about Tekashi 6ix9ine without feeling embarrassed for him.

    He had the world eating out of the palm of his hand, and in the snap of a finger he lost his grip on things. People are calling Tekashi69 a snitch, and we all know what that can do to a man’s reputation.

    Let’s just say it’ll strip the most respected man of everything he ever worked hard for. And that’s what it’s doing to Tekashi—not that he was the most respected man—but he was pretty well-liked by people. Now those same people are turning their backs on him.

    But is it for good reason?

    Let’s do the math…Tekashi is agreeing to give up the names of everyone he was once close to, which includes his former gang affiliates. For someone who considers themselves from the “streets” that’s the most unflattering thing, you can do.

    You see, before things started to get real for the New York rapper, he was all in with Nine Trey Blood members, reports TMZ. The rapper even has 69 tattooed on his face, and it’s as big as day too.

    Which, by the way, he may want to rethink now, especially since he’s set to testify against his old crew for the benefit of federal prosecutors.

    Before taking a plea deal, Tekashi was looking at a minimum of 47 years in prison on charges related to racketeering, firearm offenses, and drug charges. But since he struck a deal, his time has been cut down significantly. Tekashi, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, will most likely only serve short several years behind bars. All prosecutors are asking for are is his full cooperation. Meaning, they want everything that could potentially help identify gang members—more specifically the names.

    The names are the crucial key missing to putting the alleged criminals away for good, and 69 apparently knows them all to like the lyrics to “STOOPID.”

    One of his only problems, besides losing his respect, is that he’s definitely going to require witness protection afterwards.

    Starting next week, the trial will begin for a couple of Tekashi’s former friends. The U.S attorney in Manhattan has already informed the judge on what details to expect from 69.

    Any thoughts? How do you feel about Tekashi69 snitching? Leave a comment below.

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