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    Tekashi69 Keeps Joking About Snitching!!

    Tekashi69 thinks snitching on people is all fun and games.

    Tekashi69 is not taking his snitching seriously at all. Since being released early from prison, the rapper has gone back to trolling.

    The Brooklyn rapper got a break due to the coronavirus outbreak. After multiple failed attempts, a judge granted 69 an early release because of the rapper’s asthma. Although Tekashi is still on supervised release, he has no internet restrictions. Meaning he could and did go back to being an annoying internet troll.

    6ix9ine didn’t waste much time getting back into his trolling groove. One of the first things the rapper did was change his Instagram profile to a bitmoji. In true Tekashi fashion, the picture wasn’t just an ordinary pic; it was a joke about his snitching.

    Tekashi69 Keeps Joking About Snitching

    The picture shows a cartoon 69 in an orange jumpsuit, eating a block of cheese and smiling. To further add insult to injury, the photo is captioned ” Why everybody calling me a snitch? I’m missin something…?”

    Apparently, the rapper was just getting started with that move, as he proceeded to make more jokes about his snitch status. He would go on to comment ” coming to the rescue” in response to a post about rewards for snitching on people disobeying LA’s stay at home order.

    The joking then became a family affair, after Tekashi’s girlfriend got in the action via her Instagram.

    She joked that the reason 6ix9ine was released was so that he could find out and snitch on the person who started the coronavirus.

    Tekashi got back into the action himself last night when he commented on Torey Lanez Instagram live.  Lanez has been going live a lot since the quarantine; he even got banned for a little while. Last night Torey was back to his regular quarantine live vibes, and Tekashi decided to chime in. Tekashi69 wrote, “Lemme play this new shit or ima snitch on u, You not even from America u from Canada.”

    Torey Lanez and his crew immediately responded with Ooos and ahhs, and one person can be heard saying no snitching. Fans reacted in the comments as well, some in support, others bashing the rapper turned federal witness.

    6ix9ine has repeatedly stated that he would like to resume his rap career once his legal troubles are over. His latest post suggests that he may have some new music in the tuck that he is waiting to debut. The question remains, will the hip-hop culture, which is so anti-snitch welcome Tekashi back with open arms.

    What do you guys think about Tekashi69 joking about snitching? Should he take his actions more seriously?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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