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    6ix9ine: You Can Keep Me Off the Street, But You Can’t Keep ‘Dummy Boy’ Off the Charts

    After delaying the release of Dummy Boy, the album finally saw the light of day on Nov. 27. And the results have been extremely favorable.

    Just one day after dropping, Dummy Boy, has skyrocketed to the top of iTunes. Four of the tracks are currently holding the top four spots on the chart, with Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” holding onto the fifth slot. But are we really surprised? The New York “STOOPID” rapper has been the topic of discussion for more than several months now, keeping himself relevant, despite what for.

    6ix9ine has been involved in everything from celebrity beefs, to shoot-outs, and now, prison time. Of course people were going to clammer to listen to his music– it may be the last album he makes for a very, very…very long time. He’s facing life in prison, on a slew of charges, like racketeering and gun charges.

    “MAMA,” “NIKA,” “TIC TOC,” and “WAKA” are the songs that have found themselves dominating the iTunes music chart. His overall album is even being hailed as a top-paid digital album on Amazon.


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