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    Tekashi Wants 24 Hour Security Instead Of Entering Protection Program

    Tekashi may need to count his blessing after this alleged decision.

    Rapper Tekashi is expected to be released from prison early 2020. This is after cooperating with the feds to snitch to get an earlier release.

    6ix9ine was looking at some serious time behind bars for racketeering, drugs, and guns. But, after basically ratting out everyone in the Nine Trey Bloods gang he’ll be able to live life outside of bars.

    However, because Tekashi snitched his way to freedom, is life without security will not be a safe one.

    The feds have suggested witness protection program.

    “You’re looking at a year-long process, minimum,” Rheel told Complex. “That’s why a witness protection program for this gentleman might be a little tricky, unless he gets a really good concealer. Plenty of dancers and models get really great makeup that covers up their tattoos while they’re undergoing removal.”

    Though. the rapper never had the intention to do so.

    According to TMZ, he would rather have 24 hr security to protect him while he continues his rap career.

    Despite all that happened, it seems Tekashi believes he can pick his career back up were it left off.

    Have any thoughts on this story? Do you think Tekashi’s career will go back to normal after being released?

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