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    Tekashi Sentencing Has Arrived.. DUMMY BOY

    As we all know, Tekashi has been in prison for nearly a month with several criminal cases pending along with lawsuits.

    Tekashi was locked away because of his affiliation to a local New York gang, that included racketeering. The NY rapper tried everything including giving nearly $1 million dollars along with passport to have bail.

    The judge revoked the bail, as Tekashi is a target in the streets. Last year the rapper raised to stardom and made an international name for himself. It seems as though 6ix9ine past came back to haunt him. Back in 2015, Tekashi pled guilty for sexual acts with a minor.

    Tekashi’s four-year probation sentence has been revoked and credit for time served has been received. In addition, 6ix9ine will serve one to three years behind bars for his guilty plea. This sentence is outside of other pending cases that will ensure Tekashi behind bars for possibly a life sentence.

    Just last week, Tekashi’s released his first album “DUMMY BOY“, which debuted at #2 on the charts. Either way, the rapper has a long ways to go before he sees any freedom.


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