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    Tekashi Plea Season Is Upon Us!!! Guilty!!

    It seems as though the street life isn’t worth it. Especially for those having any ties to the rapper Tekashi. It’s officially Tekashi plea season.

    It just seems as though bad things continue to happen to people within Tekashi‘s inner circle. A ninth member of his crew has decided to take a plea deal. Overall, this is the second time within a week someone involved in the case has taken a plea. A defendant by the name of Denard Butler is facing charges surrounding racketeering. In addition, a person by the name of Kintea McKenzie also took a plea.

    Tekashi Plea Season

    McKenzie was the infamous person that was allegedly hired by Tekashi to shoot rapper Chief Keef. Overall, Tekashi has been locked up since last year due to several connections to crimes. While out Tekashi made a resume for being around the wrong people at the wrong time. At the moment it doesn’t seem as though Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi will be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

    In conclusion, do you think that Tekashi will get out any time soon? Has he finally learned that crime doesn’t pay? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Hypefresh.

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