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Tekashi Doesn’t Give One Fuck About Paying Howard University Back!

Howard University seems like they are at there wits ends.

One of 2018’s most popular artist is dealing with some hard issues. Tekashi being in jail seems as though it may be permanent. The Brooklyn rapper has tried several times to get out on bail, however he has had no luck. He even offered up a milli, still got denied . 6ix9ine has been a target in the feds ongoing investigation, which seemingly have proof to put the controversial rapper away for a lifetime. It became really bleak when the feds got Tekashi in the act of ordering a homicide, on a video released by TMZ.

Despite what it looks like will take place the rainbow color hair rapper has made it clear that he is not snitching regardless of proof.  In return, his shenanigans landed him a top spot with DUMMYBOY, which was his debut album on the billboards. The rapper is behind bars for six charges. He is fighting multiple lawsuits that will keep his legal team busy.

One of the recently lawsuits is from a no show done at Howard Homecoming weekend back in October. 6ix9ine was supposed to perform, but skipped out after allegedly collecting $60,000 upfront from the venue. The venue has included the rappers managers in the suit as well. Late last year the manager “Shottie”, was believed to have taken $2.5 Mil from Tekashi through a tour that was never able to happen. Allegedly, the University is looking to collect more than $300,000 in damages for canceling his performance with no noice. It could be a while, as Tekashi still face serious criminal charges, that can place him on a life sentence.

Do you think Tekashi will pay the money back to Howard University? Will the rapper get life? Leave your comments below and for more news keep it linked to


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