Tekashi Offered $20K To Get Chief Keef Ass Put In A Box!!!

The rap game has always been more entertaining with troublemakers. Tekashi would pick up the mantle until he got booked on serious charges.

For the better part of two years, Tekashi grew his fan base by causing sheer mayhem. The rapper had no issues calling people out on social media. However, often times his disagreements with other rappers turned into a comedy show. Unfortunately one of those verbal altercations almost turned out deadly.

Arranged $20K

The disagreement between Chicago rapper Chief Keef and the rainbow hair rapper got steamy quick. Therefore, it got to the point where 6ix9ine ordered a hit on Chief Keef’s cousin, and the conversation was captured on video. For instance, 6ix9ine even took Keef’s baby mama shopping to bring about more embarrassment to the rapper. Three men from the shooting confirmed that Tekashi offered them $20,000 to do the shooting.  However, one of the shooters is currently facing a life sentence, along with being charged racketeering conspiracy.

Several weeks ago, the “DUMMY BOY” rapper pleaded guilty to nine counts of weapons and drug charges. It is believed that the rapper would be attempting to reduce his upcoming sentence by giving out pertinent information. This is bad as Tekashi’s cooperation with the feds means Shotti is fucked. Above all, it is believed that Shotti will be placed in a more compromising situation with Tekashi spilling the beans. In addition, several artists including Fat Joe tried to warn the self-proclaimed “King Of New York” about the streets. During an interview, 50 Cent explained how Tekashi really fucked up. Tekashi is lucky someone didn’t get his ass murked.

Will Tekashi snitch on everyone? Will the rapper ever get out? Would you have murked someone for $20K? Leave your comment below, and stay tuned to Hypefresh.co.


  1. […] That’s right if the rapper cooperates with the government the former gang member will be released from prison. Furthermore, the rapper would need to be placed in witness protection as well. Overall, 6ix9ine’s hearing is set on January 24th, 2020. Depending on how cooperative he is will determine his ultimate fate.  Most recently he admitted to offering $20K to get Chief Keef ass put in a box. […]


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