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    Tekashi and Akon Link For Locked Up 2

    Tekashi is remaking Locked Up, and Akon is joining him.

    Tekashi 69 and Akon are making a song together, marking 69’s first collab since coming home. While this is a big move for Tekashi, it may prove musical suicide for Akon.

    Akon and Tekashi were on completely opposite sides of the black community favor recently. The Senegal native who came on the scene in the early ’00s was good for his hood classics. He further gained our favor when word got out that this man was trying to build a real-life Wakanda in Africa. Akon’s solid status was apparently untouchable with that move right there, but then he had to work with a snitch.

    On the other end of the spectrum was Tekashi “snitch9”, a loudmouth kid from Brooklyn who made catchy songs and caused a lot of trouble.  No one really minded him as long as they weren’t the person he was trolling. However, Mr. Hernandez lost all respect when he snitched on the entire crew that helped make him famous. Many questioned whether 69 would ever see the light of day again, let alone make a song. Yet here we are, the troll prince is announcing another song he is working on for his album.

    The now even brighter rainbow hair having rapper, shared a video of himself working with Akon on his Instagram.

    Mr “I’m back and they mad” was his usual social media marketing strategist self. TMZ reported the rapper initially commented ” “100,000 comments if you want this ” before the rest of the current caption. However, it appears the rapper had to take it down to avoid legal trouble. Per his release, 6ix9ine is supposed to refrain from “trolling” online.

    Either way, with the popularity of the original “Locked up” and an official collab in the books, Tekashi can mark this one as a win.

    What do you guys think of Tekashi and Akon linking for “Locked up 2”? Will it be trash or will you not even listen to find out because Tekashi is a rat?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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