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    Teen Pretends To Be A Cop And Pulls Over An Off-Duty Cop

    I understand teenagers go through a whole maturity development process and they sometimes make bad decision. But, this is just not smart at all what this teenager did.

    Joshua Robert Rosene, an 18-year-old who decided to add flashing red and blue lights to his blue Pontiac G6. According to the Washington Post, Rosene tried to pull someone over with his lights and unfortunately for him he pulled over an off-duty cop.

    The off-duty officer thought the car behind him was suspicious so, he decided to call the police. As Rosene realized that the guy wasn’t stopping, he turn his lights off and sped away. But, the officer followed him, got his license plate number, location and sent it to the police.

    Rosene was charged with impersonating a police officer. Police spokesman Nathaniel J. Probus said that Rosene hasn’t attempted to pull someone over before this incident.

    Rosene did not indicate what he planned to do if he did stop someone, Probus said.

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