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    Teen Almost Kills Her Grandparents After Being Denied Extra Tomatoes During Dinner

    This is the only case where I’ve seen children killing their elders for extra tomatoes.

    A Florida teen, Katie Gates, was arrested after she all attacked her grandparents because they refused to give her extra tomatoes.

    Katie Gates was having dinner with her grandparents and asked for more tomatoes.Her grandmother explained to police officers that the teen became upset because:“she wanted to eat more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table.”

    The incident was reported that Katie Gates started to become more disrespectful towards her grandparents.

    She started to throw water bottles at her grandfather, then threw a cigarette pack in her great-grandmother’s face.

    Gates’ grandfather tried to deescalate the situation, but the teen grabbed a knife and started him around the home with it. While waving the knife she said, “Motherf—ker, I’ll stab you in your f—king face.”

    She chased her grandfather out of the home, continuing to threaten him with the weapon.

    Police were contacted shortly after.

    During her arrest, Katie Gates confessed to throwing the cigarette pack towards her grandmother.

    She also said she grabbed a knife during the argument, but did not mention she tried to stab her grandfather with it.

    Katie Gates faces two felony charges. One of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two, aggravated battery on a victim over the age of 65.

    She was released on an $18,000 bond and was ordered by a judge not to have any contact with her relatives.

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    Featured Image Credit: Daily Mail Uk

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