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    Technology Innovations To Buy in 2021

    Technology innovations seem to drop all the time. In the age of the pandemic, families spend a great deal of time indoors. When shopping for new technology essentials, here are the top three devices to consider. Their features and affordable prices make them more attractive options. 

    1. Xbox Wireless Headset – Gaming Technology

    Microsoft recently announced its release of a new Xbox Wireless Headset. In fact, the wireless headset is nearly identical to the Xbox Stereo Headset. Moreover, old school gamers can relate to the process of connecting their headset to their Xbox controller. The wired version may be cheaper ($40 cheaper);  however, it’s 2021. Wireless headphones are more modern and convenient. Avid gamers don’t have to worry about fully disconnecting if they run to another room for a snack or quick bathroom break. 

    Market Price: $98

    2. Twelve South PlugBug Slim

    The PlugBug Slim has an interesting name, but works as a reliable source. When people lack time, yet need a device to efficiently charge their phones, the 20-watt USB-C is capable of charging any iPhone at optimal speed. In addition, the device has a sleek, narrow design, allowing it to fit in tiny spaces. That is something to consider the next time it’s time to charge, but the only outlet is behind a couch or desk. The PlugBug Slim is similar to Apple’s MagSafe Charger. 

    Market Price: $25

    3. Kodak Luma 400 

    Kodak has a variety of options for portable projectors. In the age of Netflix and chill, and a widespread push for people to spend time at home. Some of the hottest movies are available on streaming services. Consider the latest version of Kodak projectors with the Kodak Luma 400. The perks of this technology is its ease of connection. Users can connect using HDMI, USB or Bluetooth. The only other requirements are a mobile device and Wi-Fi. Don’t forget the best movies and shows can stream directly from the projector, which can create a screen up to 150 inches. 

    Market Price: $450


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