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    Tech N9ne Discusses His Upcoming Album “Special Effects” on The Breakfast Club

    Tech N9ne Discusses

    Tech N9ne’s label, Strange Music is the most successful independent record label to this day. The Kansas City, Missouri rapper has consistently executed his formula to stay relevant in a day where going independent is a more popular trend. After being independent for 15 years, Tech has said that his upcoming album, Special Effects, which is scheduled for release on May 4, will be his best album up to date.

    The independent king says that his motivation and inspiration for making this album was through the recent death of his mother. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Tech says:

    “Not just because all of the collaborations, the music is bigger, the concepts. My mom just passed away June 6 from lupus. Everybody is asking me what my inspiration is. I dedicated the entire album to her. Everything I always wanted I got after she passed.”

    While talking about his new album, Tech also mentioned that he reached out to Jay Z to feature.

    “I sent him a track for this new album and they said he wasn’t doing music at this time,” Tech N9ne says. “Okay, I’ll get you next time bruh bruh, what I sent him was hardcore.”

    Despite the absence of Jay, the album includes features from upper echelon artist such as, T.I., B.O.B., 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and Eminem. The album also features up and coming, fellow Kansas City artist, Gee Watts.

    Tech also told Power 105.1 that he recently turned down an offer for $61 million and will probably remain independent unless the right offer comes along.


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