Taylor Swift Is Taking Down Patriarchy In ‘The Man’

Taylor Swift’s latest music video for her single, ‘The Man’, has left us completely stunned! The singer seems to be directly throwing shade at a well-known face in the music industry. In the four-minute video, Swift is totally unrecognizable—it’s not until the final credits that we see who the ‘man’ really is.

For those who know, you probably caught the message pretty quick. For those who don’t know, prepare yourself for a shock. The video follows the life of a wealthy businessman who appears to be utterly ignorant and rude to everyone around him. It’s quite clear that he lacks respect for women and only lives for money and power.

There are some hidden messages throughout the video too. We can’t ignore that ‘no scooters allowed’ sign in the subway scene. Or, the fact that this man is the spitting image of a very familiar face. Yep, Taylor did that.

Although she hasn’t publicly confirmed her intentions, we all know what she’s insinuating. The entirety of the video appears to be a very sharp jab at record executive, Scott ‘Scooter’ Braun. Scooter Braun is famously known for managing stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Swift and Braun have been publicly feuding for a while now. Last year, Swift’s 13-year contract expired with Big Machine Label Group. Subsequently, the owner, Scott Borchetta, announced plans to sell the record company. That’s where Scooter comes in. Braun bought BMLG for roughly $300 million last year. Since the acquisition, Swift has resigned with Republic Records and Universal Music Group.

However, upon her fresh start, Swift has made it clear that she intends to hold ownership over her future songs and has publicly disputed ownership over her first six albums—owned by BMLG.

Now, backtrack to 2016. The infamous feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift over Wests’ song, ‘Famous’. We all know what happened there.

Here’s how it goes, West is managed by Braun. During this feud, Justin Bieber shared a post to Instagram (since deleted) that showed him on a FaceTime call with West and Braun. The caption: “Taylor Swift what up.” Very classy, Justin.

Taylor responded to the post via her official Tumblr page where she says Braun bullied her at her lowest point. (Image credit: TMZ/Tumblr)

Other details aside, Swift and Braun do not have a good relationship. With Braun now holding ownership of Taylor Swift’s first six albums, we can understand why Taylor is upset.

Nonetheless, her new video speaks volumes for all women in the music industry, and the workforce in general. In years past, Swift has kept quiet about her opinions on politics. As she explains in her new documentary, Miss Americana, she started out trying to be ‘the nice girl’. But everything changed following a sexual assault case back in 2017. She’s saying now that she’s no longer afraid to speak up and refuses to hold anything back. Good for you, Taylor!

What are your thoughts on Taylor’s new video? Are you a Taylor Swift fan?

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