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    French..Tell Puff To Lend You Somethin For That Tax Lien

    Tax lien is has become the norm in 2018 for entertainers.

    It’s close to the end of the year, and Uncle Sam is looking to collect on what’s owed. According to The Blast, the Franchise Tax Board For California has placed a tax lien on French Montana.

    The multi-platinum selling artist is on the hook for $400,000. Apparently the rapper failed to pay taxes in 2016, and owes the amount of $406,952.93 in unpaid taxes.

    The amount could be more if French Montana doesn’t pay soon, failure to pay could result in loss of property and seized assets. French has other financial issues as a Music management group ran by Debra Antney.

    Ms. Antney won a lawsuit and is collecting $2 million from the judgement. Man we feel you French, it’s hard out here right now. The Government is not playing with entertainers.

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