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    TaTa Sherise: A Go With The Flow Attitude Is Comedy Gold

    TaTa Sherise Breeds Comedy Gold

    Philly-based comedienne TaTa Sherise was a quiet kid who was used to performing on stage dancing and acting since age five. She says she first discovered the goofier side of her personality in the sixth grade, but she began pursuing stand up well into her adult life. Then, she initiated her journey of creating comedy gold.

    “Heartbreak and my father passing away led me to an open mic,” TaTa Sherise said.

    TaTa had always wanted to be an actress and a dancer. Through drama class in high school, TaTa realized how funny she was. After voicing her plans to teach theatre for a living to her teacher he replied, “Oh no, you’re gonna go much further than that.'” As the first in her immediate family to go away to college, TaTa feels she beat the odds. She credits her resilience as what got her through the same kind of life experiences she knows some people around her while growing up are still struggling with.

    TaTa takes her comedy works very seriously, with each experience serving as a stepping stone.

    “Every opportunity has taught me something,” TaTa explains. She continues, “I can say within the past year I’ve learned to be more patient and enjoy the journey.”

    Evolving as a Female Comedian

    TaTa is an adaptable person who tends to go with the flow, but she has also had her fair share of frustrating experiences navigating the comedy industry, especially as a woman. Her advice for aspiring female comedians is to avoid or to limit hooking up with other comedians.

    “Join forces with other women and don’t be afraid to be a leader,” Tata says.

    Tata Sherise creates comedy gold
    TaTa Sherise ponders about creating comedy gold

    In addition to her passion for creating comedy gold, TaTa wants to become a household name.

    “I want it all,” she comments. “The tours, the movies, the endorsement deals, the respect.”

    At the heart of it all, TaTa wants to make a living doing comedy full-time. She certainly seems to be on her way, having recently been featured on The Drew Barrymore Show and Mastery of Comedy with Angela Yee. She’s also scheduled to perform at the famous Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, CA, this summer.

    It’s easy to see why audiences love TaTa. Her charm, her confidence, the way she reads the audience, and the way she tells her stories all set her apart from other male and female comedians alike. And as much as audiences love TaTa Sherise, TaTa loves them right back.

    She concludes, “Doing comedy helps me heal, and it helps me help others. People come up to me and say I helped them get thru situations or bad times.”



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    1. I love that your articles on both female and male comedians focuses on healing. I also appreciate all of her advice to other female comedians but especially this- “Join forces with other women and don’t be afraid to be a leader.” Congratulations on her success so far.


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