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    How Tasha Smith Got Her Groove Back!! She’s Officially With Michael Williams

    If you have watched Tyler Perry movies than you surely know who Tasha Smith is. The actor has made a name for herself for being a feisty loudmouth character in multiple films. Tasha Smith and Michael Willaims are an official couple.

    It seems as though Tasha Smith with former “The Wire” actor Michael Williams. Most recently she posted a picture on Instagram showing the two booed up together. The two have been on the acting scene for some time now. Furthermore, she posted captions to show her affection regarding the two.

    Tasha Smith Michael Williams

    “Nothing makes me happier!!!!! The love Of my life @bkbmg ❤️❤️❤️ this man gives me goose bumps!!!!!”

    It wasn’t long before people started commenting on the photo. Most recently she spoke with Essence magazine about possibly getting married again.

    “I’m just more interested in a person being on the same level, if not higher, than what I’m on. As I’ve gotten older, having a partner that is driven in that way is more than love. Love is a part of it, but it there to be compatibility at the same time. I’m open to marriage, but it’s not on the forefront of what I need to have right now. I’m just dating openly, and I’m probably the perfect person to date because I’m not into putting any pressure on you or myself.”

    Do you think Tasha Smith Michael William will stay together for a long time? Will they end up getting married? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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