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    Tana Mongeau Dry Sexless Night After Marrying Jake Paul

    They were already fighting rumors that the wedding was a publicity stunt, and now they’ve just made things worse by adding fuel to the fire.

    After tying the knot on Sunday, in a Las Vegas mall (weird…we know), Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul didn’t even head back home together. It’s hard to believe but Tana Mongeau sexless night is what happened. Which, you know, is kind of unusual, because what newlywed couple doesn’t want to consummate the marriage right away.

    According to Page Six, Tana says they are very much in love and were excited to spend time together. However, when duty calls, like a family emergency, sometimes you have to be on the first thing smoking.

    “We’re both still recovering hard- Jake’s headed to Europe and i have to deal with a family emergency…. i’m gonna meet him there the second i can. so excited to decompress from the past few months of chaos & celebrate US with no one around.” 
    “Sometimes God gives us hardships at really bad timing which sucks because i truly don’t want this to take away from all of the love i was surrounded by last night & in this life.”

    After the live-streamed wedding, Jake and his older brother were spotted at the McCarren airport. Jake’s brother, Logan Paul, served as the best man, which is funny because not even Logan believes the Jake and Tana aren’t in actual love. Logan gives the couple less than two months before the whole thing blows up.


    But what else can you expect when the proposal involves a $125 cubic zirconia ring…

    Thoughts? What do you think about Tana Mongeau having a sexless night? Do you think it proves the wedding was a sham? Let us know what you’re thinking by dropping off a comment below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Allen Berezovsky/FilmMagic


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