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    Takeoff’s Brother Mourns Over His Brother: “I’ll See You Again In Heaven”

    The death of Migos rapper Takeoff has sent everyone that knew and loved the emcee into a deep grieving process. Recently, Cardi B shared with fans that her and Offset have been having a difficult time adjusting to life without Takeoff.

    His brother, YRN Lingo, has especially been vocal about his thoughts on the unjust murder. Recently, Lingo took to social media to write a tribute to his brother, hoping that they’d see each other again in Heaven.

        Takeoff’s Brother YRN Lingo Recalls Their Childhood

    Too many rappers have died this past year. Though, Migos rapper Takeoff’s death hit the hardest. Many people haven’t been able to stomach the tragedy behind the rapper’s death. Takeoff’s younger brother, who goes by the name YRN Lingo, recently went on Instagram to share a tribute in his honor.

    Furthermore, YRN Lingo went down memory lane and recalled a moment in their childhood. When the two rappers were children, Takeoff told him the moment he became a big rap star, he’d give Lingo “anything” he wanted. At the time, Lingo didn’t believe him but looking back, he wish he had. Clearly, the two were very close growing up.

    They’ll Be Reunited In Heaven

    In the lengthy tribute, YRN Lingo highlighted all the life lessons he’s learned from his big bro. He only hopes that he can make him proud. Furthermore, Lingo knows he’ll see his brother again in Heaven.

    “I will see you again in heaven brother along with my great grandma… Take you fulfilled your purpose and more. You will forever remain in my heart, our hearts. Love you big brother always and forever,” Lingo concluded with in the tribute. Hopefully, the two brothers will be reunited again in the Heavens above.




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