Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Rumble? Will It Wrestle Its Way Into Our Hearts?

Monster World Wrestling.  In the trailer for Paramount's new animated movie Rumble. We have a premise that has never been explored before, in movie history....
Coronavirus Death Toll

Death Toll For U.S Corona Cases Nears 10,000

Here's The Bad News With the coronavirus death tolls getting worse by the day, its no surprise that the updates are becoming more frequent. Officials...
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Ends Presidential Campaign

Senator Bernie Sanders Has Officially Ended His 2020 Presidential Bid After ending his Presidential Bid, Bernie Sanders cleared the path for Joe Biden. Sanders announced...
Kevin Garnett Hall of Fame

Kevin Garnett Doesn’t Want the T-Wolves Retiring His Jersey

Kevin Garnett Shows No Interest In T-Wolves Retiring His Jersey It was recently announced that Kevin Garnett will be a member of this year's NBA...

My Hero Academia Finish Off With A Bang!

Plus Ultra! The motto for UA High School in "My Hero Academia" and the words to describe its last episode of season 4 was definitely...

Tigers, Tiger King and That B***h Carole Baskin, Oh My!

Free Joe "The Tiger King" Exotic (not really)! If you saw "The Tiger King" on Netflix then you know the rise and fall of this...

Covid-19 Virus Death Toll Is Higher Then They Are Saying

The Numbers Aren't In The corona virus case numbers have been going up within the past couple of weeks. Doctors are working their hardest to...

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